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Look Younger.
Feel Better.
Live Your Best Life.

You live life on your terms. Why let wrinkles, sags, bulges, skin marks, or hair loss get you down? Now, you don’t have to. Thanks to breakthrough non-surgical therapies using the latest LASER, platelet, injectable, and other technologies, you can look your best, effortlessly.

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First Impressions Count.

(Everyday Impressions Do Too.)

We all know that people judge how we look, and the conclusions they make affect our opportunities, our relationships, our status and our reputations.

That’s why we will never stop defending your right to look your best. It's what we all want. For our partners. For ourselves. That's why we’re committed to advancing the state of the art in medical aesthetics.

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What Would You Prefer?

(A $1000 Dress? Or a Million Dollar Body?)

At Bellamedica, our answer is simple: “Why choose?” Today, thanks to breakthrough therapies, you can have the body you desire. And we’ll defend your right to dress it any way you damn well please.

Nothing is sexier or more powerful than your natural beauty. Maximize yours by booking your FREE “Beautiful New You” consultation today.

It's as Simple as 1,2,3.

At Bellamedica, we believe you should be empowered to look and feel your best. That’s why education and service are at the heart of everything our physicians and medical aestheticians do. All you need to do is take the first step: book your FREE, no-obligations appointment today.


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Naturally Beautiful. It's the Bellamedica Way.

Whatever Your Trouble Area, We Have the Answer.

At Bellamedica, we’re committed to making the latest breakthroughs in medical aesthetics available to all women. We believe you shouldn’t have to be a Hollywood star, a DC politician, or among the rich and famous to look and feel your best.

Harnessing the latest advances in LASERs, PRP therapies, skin treatments, injectables, and the latest physician-approved medical therapies, we’re putting the "B" back in Beautiful You.

Be You. Be bold. Be beautiful with a little bit of love from Bellamedica's expert doctors, surgeons, and experts in the field of medical aesthetics.

Look Fresh, Not Frozen.

Rejuvenate your skin, eliminate wrinkles, and zap unsightly pockmarks, age spots, and sags. Watch the years fade away with our advanced therapies that combine the latest in LASER technology and platelet-rich microneedling.

Revitalize Your Skin

Melt Fat. Permanently. In Minutes.

Eat right, exercise, sleep well. No matter how good we are at self-care, we all develop problem areas as we age. Now, thanks to breakthroughs in LASER technology, it’s possible to do what diet and exercise cannot: strategically melt away up to 25% of your fat in targeted areas to reveal your natural curves.

Contour Your Body

Regrow an Amazing Head of Hair.

50% of women will experience female-pattern hair loss by the time they turn 50. We’ve pioneered therapies that wake up dormant hair follicles and condition your skin to regrow lost hair. With 85%+ success-rates, and at a fraction of the cost of hair transplants, hair restoration by Bellamedica is the choice for savvy professionals who want to regrow a thick, luscious head of hair.

Hair Restoration

Turn Your Youthful Indiscretions Into a Distant Memory.

Thanks to modern lasers, “permanent” tattoos don’t have to be permanent anymore. If you’re regretting that tattoo and it no longer reflects who you are, take charge. Tattoo removal is a lot easier and a lot less painful than you suspect. Explore your options today.

Tattoo Removal

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