I'm Wearing a Dress For the First Time in Fifteen Years!

The Spider Veins are gone… And my legs feel like they’re 25 again!

Do you have unsightly spider veins? Spider veins are a common problem for many people. They can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in your own skin, but they don't need to be permanent.

Bellamedica is here to help. We offer an all-inclusive treatment plan that will get rid of those pesky spider veins in as little as two or three appointments. You'll look and feel your best again without the risks and costs of surgery!

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No One Enjoys Having Spider Veins

If you have unsightly spider veins on your legs, you know that it's a problem. It can make wearing shorts or dresses impossible, and even going out in public is difficult because of the embarrassment and self-consciousness caused by these ugly veins.

Traditional Therapies Fail

You may have tried creams that promise to fade them, but rarely are spider veins helped by topical treatments. And if they do work, it takes weeks or months for them to disappear which is too long to wait when you want to look and feel better now.

Surgery is costly, invasive, carries risk of infection and other complications. And even after all that there's no guarantee that the spider veins will be gone for good.

Bellamedica Provides Comprehensive, Non-Surgical Therapies that Eliminate Spider Veins, Permanently

Leg veins (also called spider or varicose veins) can be treated in a few different ways. Bellmedica’s preferred method is laser technology. The Picosure Laser closes and shrinks the varicose vein. This treatment is perfect for smaller spider veins that do not require more invasive treatments to be fully removed or treated. Some spider veins will require multiple laser treatments before they fade completely, although you will notice changes to the veins after the first treatment.

Your Treatment Options Include:

IPL photofacial:

IPL photofacials work by emitting specific light pulses into the skin. These pulses are designed to target particular pigments and pigment-producing cells. These pulses of light destroy hyperactive pigment-producing cells causing them to eventually flake off revealing beautiful, youthful, evenly-toned skin.

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Laser resurfacing:

These treatments are ideal for those looking to reduce wrinkles, tighten loose skin and improve their overall complexion. Our ICON laser uses microscopic beams of light that penetrate the skin to the dermis. This ensures improved skin changes as well as deep collagen production.

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What causes spider veins?

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Leg veins or Spider veins, are small dilated blood vessels that occur close to the skin, and are typically found on the legs, around the nostrils, cheeks, and ankles. During the aging process, the skin becomes more translucent and these blood vessels become more evident. Poor circulation as well as weakening vessel walls also contribute to spider veins.