You Don't Have to Give into Hair Loss ANYMORE!

Hair loss is one of the most frustrating things of getting older. By Age 40, 66% of MEN and 40% of WOMEN will confront significant hair loss. 

Until recently the only options for combating hair loss were ineffective shampoo or costly and risky hair transplant surgeries.  

Today, thanks to new medical approaches being pioneered at Bellamedica, there are therapies available that show a 88% success rate at helping patients regrow their own hair.

The Unfair Costs of Hair Loss

One of the most unfair things about hair loss—especially considering how common it is—is the social stigma that too often accompanies it. 

Like it or not, in our society, we’re judged on our appearance. And too frequently, untreated hair loss causes others to judge you as less energetic, less vigorous, and older than you are. 

Conversely, when you have a thick, full, youthful-looking head of hair, it’s hard not to feel more confident when you look in the mirror. That confidence can pay dividends in all aspects of your life: professional, personal, and romantic. 

You owe it to yourself to investigate whether hair restoration therapies can work for you. Click the button to learn more about our hair restoration therapies and book your FREE consultation today.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

Common causes of hair loss include:
- Family History
- Stress
- Medications
- Hair Styles
- Age
- Vitamin Deficiency
- Thyroid Diseases

How is Hair Loss Diagnosed?

A physician starts with asking you some questions, like how much hair you're losing, when it started, and whether your parents have hair loss. He or she will look closely at your scalp and hair loss pattern. This will help in determining whether you will benefit from a hair restoration procedure.

Too Many "Solutions" for Hair Loss Offer False Hope

Traditionally, there has been little that could be done to maintain a thick, full head of hair:
- Shampoos With Artificial Fillers Fail To Improve Hair Volume
- Topicals With Drugs Like Minoxidil Stimulate De Minimus Hair Growth
- Wigs And Toupés Reek Of Desperation
- Hair Transplant Surgery Moves Hair From One Part Of Your Body To Another (It Doesn't Grow -New Hair), Needs Constant Maintenance, Leaves Behind Scars, And Costs An Arm And A Leg.

That’s why at Bellamedica, every one of our therapies is geared toward one thing: waking up quiescent hair follicles so you can regrow your own hair.

It’s As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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